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Social Budget and budget of the Programme
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Hunting and fishing
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Provincial Police
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 Hunting and fishing Hunting and fishing
Competences: Hunting: this department deals with the planning of the provincial faunistical activity wich is realised through the coordination of the activities of the ATC Managing Committees and its technicians; the approval and the management of the Provincial Faunistical Plan with the establishment, the modifications and the annulment of venatorial faunistical areas; the management, the protection and the increase of the wild animals. It also promotes the salvaging of species which are of a particular interest for the environment. It checks the improvement in the managing level of the hunting organizations; creates new ATC and their managing Committee and works for the training and the information of the users.

Fishing: its task is to plan the activities on the provincial territory through the realization of the fish plans and of the annual and pluriennal fish provincial programmes. It also checks the fish resources, realizises projects for the fish readjustment among the species,works for the development of the activities which aim to limit the the presence of allochthonous fish species (siluro, carpasso). It finally deals with the training and the information of the users.

Councillor: Mario Spezia
Area: Services and protection to the people
Person in charge: Celestino Poggioli

Service: Provincial Police/Guard/ Hunting and Fishing/Civil defence
Manager: Celestino Poggioli
Address: Via Garibaldi, 50 – 29100 Piacenza
Telephone: 0523/795354
Fax: 0523/795398
E-Mail: cacciapesca@provincia.pc.it

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