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 Social Policies Social Policies
Competences: The Provincia exercise on its territory the administrative functions of social planning; it collects the social-welfare needs, manages the Informative System and the Provincial Observatory of the social policies. It approves the annual and the three yearly plan of development of the services for children from 0 to 6 years. It approves the triennal plan that promotes the rights for the childhood and the teenagers and the annual or triennal intervention plan in favour of the immigrants.
It directly deals with the assignation of contributions for the building and the readaptation of its own social structures, choosing the priorities among them.
It coordinates and promotes the participation to the realization of the social intervention and plans of all the pubblic subjects (first of all the councils) and of the non-profit private subjects which are, in particular, voluntary service organizations; moral corporations; association that promote social actions; foundations; social cooperatives; ipab.
This task are of a great importance within those national and regional regulations related to the Zone Plans for the building of the integrated system of the services and social actions.
It also established and is periodically dating up the Provincial Department of the regional register of social cooperatives and the provincial register for the voluntary service organization.

Councillor: Paola Gazzolo
Area: Services and protection to the people and the territory
Person in charge: Maurizio gariboldi

Service: Staff office to the Socio-medical system
Manager: Angelo Bergamaschi
Address: Piazzale Marconi - 29100 PIACENZA
Telephone: 0523/795505
Fax: 0523/795517
E-Mail: politichesociosanitarie@provincia.pc.it

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